Selected Media

Speaking of Psychology: “Understanding Your Racial Biases” (2015)

Dr. Dovidio is featured in Speaking of Psychology, an audio podcast series by the American Psychological Association, highlighting some of the latest, most important and relevant psychological research being conducted today.

“Racial bias is everywhere but we may not always see it. However, understanding the way people feel about and behave toward those outside their own group can help communities heal after a tragedy, as well as prevent future ones, according to Yale University psychologist John Dovidio, PhD.”

Dr. Dovidio appears in Big Picture Science, a radio show and podcast engaging the public with modern science research through lively and intelligent storytelling. In this episode, Dr. Dovidio explains how social categorization evolved in humans, and how it can give rise to prejudice and discrimination.

Dr. Dovidio presents a talk on the challenges of inclusion at the W50 research symposium “Gender and Work: Challenging Conventional Wisdom” at Harvard Business School. The symposium, held February 28 and March 1, 2013, brought over one hundred scholars and practitioners together to discuss cutting-edge research on gender in organizations and to share ideas about how to advance women as leaders. [Read the accompanying review paper]

Bridging Intragroup Processes and Intergroup Relations (2013)

In this podcast, Dr. Dovidio speaks to Dr. Jolanda Jetten about his landmark article, “Bridging intragroup processes and intergroup relations: Needing the twain to meet,” published in the British Journal of Social Psychology. [Read the landmark article]

What Would You Do: “Would You Stop A Hate Crime?” (2009)

Dr. Dovidio appears as an expert witness on the ABC television show What Would You Do?, hosted by John Quiñones. This episode investigates whether bystanders are willing to intervene when witnessing a hate crime committed against Latinos. [Read the ABC story]

What Would You Do: “Witness to Discrimination” (2008)

Dr. Dovidio appears as an expert witness on the ABC television show What Would You Do?, hosted by John Quiñones. This episode investigates how people react to instances of overt discrimination against Muslims. [Read the ABC story]

Dr. Dovidio’s Testimony Before President’s Advisory Board on Race (1997)

Dr. Dovidio gives an expert testimony on modern racism in the United States before President Bill Clinton’s Advisory Board on Race (Dr. Dovidio’s presentation begins at 0:36:00).