Name Subsequent Position Year 
Aragón, Oriana Assistant Professor, Clemson University 2015
Bailey, April H. Postdoc, New York University 2020
Banfield, Jillian C. Research Assistant, Dalhousie University (Canada) 2013
Brochu, Paula Assistant Professor, Nova Southeastern University 2012
Burke, Sara E. Assistant Professor, Syracuse University 2016
Calabrese, Sarah K. Assistant Professor, George Washington University 2014
Callaghan, Bennett Postdoc, City University of New York 2020
Callender, Kevin Oliveira Consultant, Boston Consulting Group 2015
Daumeyer, Natalie Clinical Research Scientist, Everlywell 2021
Ditlmann, Ruth Senior Researcher, WZB Berlin (Germany) 2012
Duchscherer, Katie Lecturer, Yale University 2021
Gluszek, Agata Research Psychologist, U.S. Army 2010
Horwitz, Suzanne R. Postdoc, Yale School of Management 2016
Ikizer, Elif G. Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay 2019
Kneeland, Liz Tepe McLean Hospital, Dept. of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School 2017
Kunst,  Jonas R. Associate Professor, University of Oslo (Norway) 2019
Luguri, Jamie B. Student, University of Chicago Law School 2015
Moss-Racusin, Corinne A. Assistant Professor, Skidmore College 2013
Newheiser, Anna-Kaisa Postdoc, University of Exeter (UK) 2012
Obaidi, Milan Assistant Professor, University of Oslo (Norway) 2019
O’Brien, Thomas Postdoc, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 2019
Oltman, Katie Analyst, Department of Justice 2018
Onyeador, Ivy, N. Assistant Professor, Northwestern University 2020
Pearson, Adam R. Assistant Professor, Pomona College 2011
Perry, Sylvia P. Assistant Professor, Northwestern University 2014
Pietri, Evava Assistant Professor, Indiana University-Purdue University 2015
Reid, Allecia E. Assistant Professor, Colby College 2010
Roussos, Gina Postdoc, University of Toronto, Canada 2018
Rucker, Julian Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 2020
Ruth, Lauren K. Youth Policy Fellow, Connecticut Voices for Children 2016
Saguy, Tamar Assistant Professor, IDC Herzliya (Israel) 2008
Santascoy, Nicholas Learning Instructor, University of Pennsylvania 2017
Schellhaas, Fabian Senior Quantitative Researcher, Google 2019
Sedlovskaya, Alexandra Senior Researcher, Harvard Business School 2011
Shin, Hyeyoung Visiting Assistant Professor, Franklin & Marshall College 2021
Shnabel, Nurit Assistant Professor, Tel Aviv University (Israel) 2011
Smith, Jacqueline Postdoc, UMass Amherst 2014
Sommers, Roseanna Postdoc, University of Chicago 2018
Thomas, Erin L. Research Consultant, Catalyst Inc. 2012
Ufkes, Elze G. Assistant Professor, University of Twente (Netherlands) 2011
van der Toorn, Jojanneke Postdoc, Leiden University (Netherlands) 2012
Vial, Andrea Postdoc, New York University 2018
Wang, Katie Assistant Professor, Yale School of Public Health 2017
Wittlin, Natalie M. Postdoc, Princeton University 2021